Every garden is different, that´s why we pay special attention to “genius loci”: What we feel about the place where the garden is situated. All of our designs are adapted to local conditions and the client´s specific needs.

Design and proposal

The design process begins with the client´s wish list and the oportunities and constaints list of the place. At first we make a preliminar proposal, from wich we develop the project to finally build the garden.

Landscape contractors

We love to build the gardens we design. We can also do the garden construction for other garden designers. We are landscape contractors, we can do the ground works, earth movements, irrigation, plantings, everything involved in making a garden.

Care and maintenance

Some of the gardens we make need specific knowledge about their maintenance. That’s why we know it’s important that we can keep them. We do all kinds of garden works, normally on a weekly schedule throughout the year, in which everything is included.

Who we are in Planta Paisajistas

We are a landscaping studio formed by Enriqueta Leon del Olmo and Olmo Rengifo Carreras (member of the AEP). Both studied at the School of Gardening and Landscaping Castillo de Batres (Universidad Camilo José Cela Madrid) and ended in 2006. We began gaining experience in other landscaping studies and companies related to gardening.

In 2009 we founded our company, and we started working together on maintenance of all types of outdoor spaces. Gradually we were involved in projects of design and construction of green areas. Since then , we focus on developing our vision of landscaping and gardening. Our way of life and our work is linked to the plants, observation, care and admiration.

We are characterized by the planting design using perennials, grasses, shrubs and trees adapted to Mediterranean climate, using also native plants.

The choice of species is made according to the soil characteristics , orientation and climate, and counting with the relations made between the plants themselves. Perfectly meet expectations in terms of design , quality and low water consumption . Our gardens are a combination of the wilderness of Nature with an elegant, creative and personalized design.